Baby's Bottom

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A soothing and beneficial balm that's perfect for those little diaper bottoms.

Ingredients: Beeswax, calendula oil, apricot kernel oil, St John’s Wort, chickweed oil, plantain oil, vitamin E, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, golden seal root, neem oil, myrrh, lavender and sweet orange essential oils

Apricot kernel oil softens and protects the skin

Calendula oil is an excellent emollient, promotes healing, and soothes the skin. It is often, as well as St. John’s Wort and golden seal root, used for inflammation, rashes, burns and dry or sensitive skin

The zinc oxide and titanium oxide provide a natural defense against those harmful UV rays

Neem oil has antiseptic properties, while chickweed and plantain oils are healing to sensitive skin

The perfect combination for your baby’s diaper scratched and sensitive bottom

Comes in a 4oz jar