Rose Floral Water

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Rose Floral Water to spritz on your face, body, clothes, or pillows to smell great and feel refreshed.

Ingredients: purified water, organic rose petals, glycerin, and rose essential oil

• Flower petals are infused in purified water for several months before they are transferred to their beautiful cobalt blue bottles.

• Inside each bottle we add a touch of glycerin which is a natural humectant – pulls moisture to the skin surface and retains it there.

• Finally, a few drops of rose essential oil are added to each bottle to enhance the fragrance.

• This is a great skin toner that can really make you feel refreshed in the middle of your work day (especially when washing isn’t always an option).

• Rose Water is effective on just about any skin type and is thought to help reduce mental strain.

• Suggested uses:

- Spritz on minor burns or rashes.

- Spritz on your face when you’re stressed out in traffic or at work.

- Spritz on your pillow just before you go to bed.