About Us

Liann Graf, the owner and soap-maker of The Scentsible Soap Company, began making all natural soaps in 2000.  What started as a curiosity quickly became a great hobby and a journey. Throughout the years she has been discovering new techniques, learning how to better make use of the wonderful herbs she has been growing for years, and experimenting with different related bath and body products.  Of course, more than a few of the “experiments” had to be discarded, and several others were more suitable for the pets; however, some were really wonderful!  Liann learned well.  So, what sparked this curiosity? Like many families as some point, Liann and her family experienced a very lean year in 2000; so, for Christmas of that year all friends and family received gifts of Liann’s handcrafted soaps.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  The Scentsible Soap Company was born.

From its beginning in Liann’s kitchen the mission of the Scentsible Soap Company has consistently been to provide quality handcrafted soaps and body care items that are natural, environmentally sustainable, and that contribute positively to the health/well-being of our customers. Although some of her recipes have changed over the years (and I think we can all agree for the better!), she has always used the same fresh ingredients and never lost sight of her mission.

Many of the ingredients we use in our products come from our own organic gardens in Newburyport, Massachusetts and our farm “Las Colinitas” in Costa Rica.  Our soaps and other products are manufactured in small batches, ensuring superior quality and artful presentation. No machines, no robots, and nothing cookie cutter about any of the products - they each have their own identity and thus come with quirks occasionally. We think this is okay…it comes out more personal!

We respectfully invite you to try some of our products, hopefully enjoy them, and maybe even compare them, in performance and appearance, to products you have previously used.  We’re confident you’ll notice the difference.

Meet the Team!

Liann Graf Owner, President, Creator Extraordinaire

John Hill Manager - Foreign Affairs, Marketing and Business; Sales

Malia Hill Manager – Website and Business; Sales; Photographer.

Martha Hill Sales Associate, Photographer